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Understanding who a doula is and what they do

Doulas are very important since they are the ones that support families and women in all different kinds of situations. They also assist women in all the different kinds of births, and they are also able to offer a number of different parenting choices which can be of good use to them. The services that may be offered by a doula tend to vary depending on the needs of a particular couple, a woman or the family that the doula is working with. It is however important for you to keep in mind that doulas do not in any way take any clinical role, and they also do not work alongside doctors or midwives. They also do not advise their clients, but they can be able to offer support to women and provide them with balanced information which they can use to make better-informed decisions based on their maternity care.

Birth doulas tend to provide a continuous kind of support to couples as well as women who may be single mothers. They help them through the labor, their pregnancy and also during their postnatal time. Doulas who work on postnatal, tend to provide a more emotional, practical and flexible kind of support to new families and mothers which they may do in their own homes. Some doulas choose to work as either postnatal or birth doulas while there are those who may work as both.

Birth doulas

These type of doulas are the ones who support families and women who are planning on giving birth. They offer them with either early epidural support or cesarean birth as well as home water birth depending on what the mother wants. Some of the services that birth doulas provide include:

The birth doula will need to meet the soon mother to be and their partner if there is one at least twice. They are also usually available for email and phone support for any concerns or questions that the mothers may want to be answered. With this, they will be able to talk with the couple and mothers over any concerns and questions that they may have.

During labor
During labor, a birth doula is able to provide practical, emotional and informational support to their clients making sure that they provide everything that they may need. The doula is also going to offer suggestions and help on different comfort measures like relaxation, breathing, positioning, and movement. When needed, the doula may also be in the best position to encourage the partner to also participate in the birth in a way that they feel comfortable. The most important role of the doula is to make sure that they are able to provide reassurance, continuous support as well as nurturing.

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How Are Migraines And Headaches Classified?

If you have had your fair share of headaches in life then you know from experience that not all headaches come the same. Some are centralized at particular locations, others are all over the place while yet others seem to keep shifting places on the head. The difference is mostly a direct result of the triggers causing the headaches in the first place. But because of the fact that headaches can be triggered by so many different things, knowing the cause of the headache can be quite difficult even for trained and experienced professionals. Without knowing the exact cause of the headache, a doctor or physician could easily make a misdiagnosis and end up either completely failing to solve the problem or making it even worse than it was before.

In an effort to help doctors better understand headaches and diagnose them properly, the International Headache Society released its newest system for headache classification in the year 2013. While releasing the classification, they were very keen to warn doctors and health practitioners to stick to the guidelines provided so that they can diagnose headaches properly

Headache classifications

Under the new classification system, headaches have been split into three major categories depending on the exact source of the pain. These categories include the following:

Primary headaches– this category includes the more common types of headaches such as migraines, tension headaches and cluster headaches. The tension headaches are by far the most common of all three and occur more in women than in men. Migraines can affect both adults and children among adults more women suffer from migraines than men do. The cluster headaches are the least common with their highest prevalence being among young people in their late 20s and particularly the menfolk.

Secondary headaches– these are headaches that are direct results of some underlying structural problems in the neck and the head. The category is very wide and covers everything from an infected tooth and infected sinuses to more serious conditions like meningitis and brain cancer. Also falling into this category are the headaches that result from physical trauma especially when they are post-concussion headaches. Rebound headaches, which occur from misuse of pain medication, and headaches caused by alcohol and substance abuse can also be classified within this category under the International Headache Society guidelines.

Cranial neuralgias– headaches that are classified as cranial neuralgias are the least commonly reported headaches and result from the inflammation of any or all of the 12 nerves located in the head. They are also arguably the most painful and also the most difficult to treat. Dealing with headaches in this category requires the input of a professional expert who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

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Common Habits That Will Ruin Your Posture

There common practices that will continue to ruin your posture the more you engage in them. You may not realize it all at the same time, but the fact is that they will end up ruining your posture for good if not addressed. The problem is that most people will move to take them for granted, just to come back and regret much later. The thing is that such practices can and should be avoided, for anyone who wishes to maintain a good posture. Such practices include:

Stooping forward when lifting heavy loads

This makes it to the top of this list because it does not only ruin your posture, but can cause permanent disability for good. Lifting a load from a wrong posture can cause one of the back muscles to snap. Back muscles are most responsible for maintaining posture. If one of them snaps, then an individual will never attain the right posture again. Worse could happen if one the spinal joints dislocates. That would easily lead to a permanent disability.

Bending your head down for long

You will find that most are used to bending their heads down when operating their phones or typing on their keyboards. Keeping your neck and head bent for long puts too much strain on your neck muscles. As days go by, the muscles try to adapt this ‘normal’ posture. You then find yourself acquiring a stooped posture, which probably is not what you desired in the first place.

Wearing long heels

Long heels are classy in their own way. At least we cannot possibly deny that. The problem is that this comes at a cost. High heels cause a wide range of posture related problems. They affect the manner in which you walk and the way you stand. They also end up putting too much pressure on your leg and back muscles. In the end, they ruin your normal straight-up posture.

Wrong sleeping posture

Your back has a certain curving shape that comes naturally. When sleeping on your stomach, it forces your back to straighten up. This affects the natural curve on your back and also forces you to turn your neck to side.

Thoughts and stressed minds

This one comes without much of an individual’s intervention. The best thing is that it actually can be helped. Avoid supporting your chin on your hand and getting buried in deep unending thoughts. It is a key candidate in ruining postures.

The common habits described above will certainly ruin your posture if not kept in check. Basically, any practice that sparks out a feeling of discomfort or fatigue is not good for your posture. Always try as much you can to achieve a straitened up and comfortable posture.

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How Dental Implants Alleviate People From Periodontal Disease

As most people age, they are more likely to be candidates of very unsightly smiles due to bad teeth. There are numerous factors that can cause bad teeth but one of the most common reasons why people have bad teeth is the presence of gum disease. Also known as periodontal disease, it can be very dangerous and most people seek the help of professional cosmetic dentists in Orange County. There are numerous dentists here who are more than capable in dealing with all types of dental diseases and they employ different techniques in changing their patient’s lives. One of these techniques is the use of cosmetic dentistry.

Are cosmetic dentists able to deal with adverse diseases?

You see, the mouth can be considered a venue for germs and they multiply in large numbers in only minutes. This means that even if you got traditional procedures done like veneers or dentures as well as other constructive procedures from your dentists to hide your bad teeth, it does not necessarily mean that you are completely protected from getting more teeth problems. You could even be carrying some of these diseases without your knowledge until you develop the symptoms like swollen gums of aching teeth.

What of traditional methods?

Traditional methods like dentures are not meant to protect you from other teeth problems. As a matter of fact, the problems might be more aggravated if you do not take care of your dentures. This means that before it becomes too late, find a professional dentist in Orange County who will help you deal with any problems that you might have.

The right dental procedure

The cosmetic dentists in Orange County use modern techniques and procedures in order to tackle different dental problems. The thing about traditional methods is that they might actually worsen the problems. Some of the modern methods they will use are installing dental implants, which are the counterparts of veneers. In case you have tooth decay, it will need to be taken care of and they could install crowns as well as fillings.

A worthy investment

As expensive as dental implants may appear, they will save you a lot in the long run. What makes them even more expensive to install is the fact that you will need to find the right professional dentist in Orange County who has the experience in the field. However, even if they will cost you, they will bring your confidence back because you will have a great smile.

Implants will provide you with convenience and you will not have teeth problems for a long time as long as you take very good care of them. Implants go hand in hand with other dental procedures and when you undergo the ones that you need, you will improve the quality of your smile as well as that of your overall oral health.

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Munster dentist considers the careers that are in the health sector as being the most stable ones. The career of a dentist hygienist is very widely accepted in America because it is taken to be among the ones that are proof to recession thus if one is a dentist hygienist, they are safe from the problems that come along with recession.

Dentist Hygienist Career Overview

When looking at places like the United States, one of the occupations that are growing the fastest is dental hygienists. According to various statistics, the people who are in this profession earn around the average of $66 570 annually as per the year 2014. The place where dental hygienists work is in the dental clinics along side dentists. However, other hygienists have come up with their own facilities that offer dental hygienic services. Most of the professional dental hygienists however work on part time schedules so they make their working hours to be flexible to fit those of their clients. This career path offers one with stability, flexibility and also one is able to get sustainable income.

The major responsibility that is usually taken by a dental hygienist is to make sure that all their patients’ teeth and even their gums are hygienic. This is done by use of certain medical dental procedures and in addition to that regular teaching them concerning gum and teeth hygiene and also any other preventive forms of dental care that they can practice on a daily basis.

The Dental Procedures Which Are Performed By A Dental Hygienist Include The Following:

The Dental Hygienist cleans all the plaque, both the soft and hard plaque, clears out any stains that are on the teeth, cleans off all the tartar and any other residues that have been left on the teeth. The dental hygienist is able to do all this by using some special teeth tools such as the rotary tools and also the ultrasonic devices that help out in cleaning teeth.

Another duty that a dental hygienist carries out is to be able to diagnose any problem with the patient’s teeth or gums after taking an x-ray using the necessary equipment the referring them to a dentist who will be able to treat them if need be depending on the specific dental problem.

Dental hygienists are the ones who apply sealants on the patients’ teeth so as to help in preventing any possibilities of cavities happening. They also apply fluoride on the patients’ teeth too as it helps in killing the cavity causing bacteria thus resulting to healthy teeth and gums too.

Dental hygienists also help in talking to people in schools or in community groups about the important of clean dental hygiene. This can be done by use of charts, teeth models and also photos.

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Dentist Salem Oregon says These are removable prosthetic plates that are built to replace missing teeth hence they can also be referred to as false teeth. They can either be fitted by a dentist or a clinical dental technician. While a dentist takes measurements and moulds of the mouth before ordering the dentures from a clinical dental technician, the clinical dental technician directly provides a full set of dentures without having to visit a dentist although regular dental check-ups have to be made by the individual.

The shape and colour of dentures can be adjusted before the production of the final denture.


They aid in preventing problems while eating and speech.

Improve an individual’s appearance of the smile thus boosting their confidence.


  • Complete dentures

These are used in cases where all teeth are completely missing.

They can either be immediate that is made right after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue already began to heal or conventional meaning they are ready for placement in the mouth approximately a year after teeth removal.


Immediate debentures can be positioned right after the teeth removal since they are made in advance. They should however only be considered as a temporary solution while awaiting conventional debentures because they require many adjustments to fit properly over the healing process.

  • Partial dentures

Also known as over dentures, partial dentures are used in cases where some natural teeth are still fits over a few remaining teeth after the dentist has prepared them.


Initially dentures could feel a little strange before getting used to wearing them. At first one has to wear them every time even when sleeping however a recommendation will be made to the individual by either the dentist or the clinical dental technician.

Dentures just like teeth need proper maintenance so as to observe oral hygiene. They must be brushed regularly in order to remove plague and food particle and also to prevent them from staining.

When the debentures are not being worn, they should be put in a safe place and covered in a polythene bag that has cotton wool that is dampened or in water or an appropriate overnight cleaning solution so as to prevent them from warping


  • Rinse them prior to brushing so as to get rid of any food particles or debris present which could cause tooth decay.
  • With the use of a non-abrasive cleanser and a toothbrush with soft bristles, brush all its surfaces gently to avoid scratching them.
  • Thoroughly clean your mouth including the gums and cheeks in order to remove plague and reduce the risk of bad breath and oral irritation.




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The term denture is no longer alien in the world of dental health or Johns Creek Dentistry. It is used to refer to a replacement, normally removable designed to take the place of missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Bearing in mind that people lose their teeth every day to various factors, dentures have become a common alternative.

There are two types of dentures. The first type of denture is the complete denture. This refers to a denture fitted when all teeth are missing. Basically it means that the denture replaces all the teeth in the mouth since there are no natural teeth left. The second type of denture is a partial denture. A partial denture is fitted to replace some teeth. This means that the mouth still has some natural teeth remaining.

Complete dentures are further categorized into two. There are conventional dentures and immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are made after teeth removal. The gum tissue is allowed some time to start the healing process before the conventional denture is fitted about 8-12 weeks after teeth removal.

Immediate dentures on the other hand are made even before the teeth have been removed. As soon as the teeth are removed, immediate dentures are positioned. This means the patient does not have to spend any time without teeth awaiting gums to heal. Conventional dentures come at an advantage over immediate dentures. This is because gums and bones shrink gradually upon removal of teeth which means that immediate dentures will require continuous adjustments till they fit properly.

It would therefore be safe to conclude that immediate dentures can be treated merely as temporary solutions awaiting the making of conventional dentures.

A partial denture on the other hand normally consists of replacement teeth fitted to a base that bears the colour of gum that serves to attach or fix the denture in its correct place in the mouth. As earlier mentioned, partial dentures are used when there are some natural teeth left in the mouth. A partial denture is designed in a way that it serves two purposes; to replace the missing teeth and prevent remaining teeth from shifting positions.

Dental implants are alternatives to dentures. They are used to hold in place cemented bridges. This completely takes away the need for dentures. Bridges and implants come at advantage because they have a feel that closely resembles that of normal teeth. However, they come at a disadvantage too as not all candidates are suited for implants. Implants also tend to be quite expensive.

Whatever the factor one may have lost teeth to, it is important to seek adequate advice from a qualified dentist on the best approach of finding a solution to the problem. The above discussion however proves that dentures have successfully served a great number of people though they are being slowly replaced by implants.