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Understanding who a doula is and what they do

Doulas are very important since they are the ones that support families and women in all different kinds of situations. They also assist women in all the different kinds of births, and they are also able to offer a number of different parenting choices which can be of good use to them. The services that may be offered by a doula tend to vary depending on the needs of a particular couple, a woman or the family that the doula is working with. It is however important for you to keep in mind that doulas do not in any way take any clinical role, and they also do not work alongside doctors or midwives. They also do not advise their clients, but they can be able to offer support to women and provide them with balanced information which they can use to make better-informed decisions based on their maternity care.

Birth doulas tend to provide a continuous kind of support to couples as well as women who may be single mothers. They help them through the labor, their pregnancy and also during their postnatal time. Doulas who work on postnatal, tend to provide a more emotional, practical and flexible kind of support to new families and mothers which they may do in their own homes. Some doulas choose to work as either postnatal or birth doulas while there are those who may work as both.

Birth doulas

These type of doulas are the ones who support families and women who are planning on giving birth. They offer them with either early epidural support or cesarean birth as well as home water birth depending on what the mother wants. Some of the services that birth doulas provide include:

The birth doula will need to meet the soon mother to be and their partner if there is one at least twice. They are also usually available for email and phone support for any concerns or questions that the mothers may want to be answered. With this, they will be able to talk with the couple and mothers over any concerns and questions that they may have.

During labor
During labor, a birth doula is able to provide practical, emotional and informational support to their clients making sure that they provide everything that they may need. The doula is also going to offer suggestions and help on different comfort measures like relaxation, breathing, positioning, and movement. When needed, the doula may also be in the best position to encourage the partner to also participate in the birth in a way that they feel comfortable. The most important role of the doula is to make sure that they are able to provide reassurance, continuous support as well as nurturing.